Women of Color
Women of Color
Women of Color
Women of Color
Women of Color
Women of Color

Our vision

We envision a CommonWealth of authentic inclusion where racism and sexism no longer dictate the outcomes of women of color and our communities.

Our Mission

Massachusetts Women of Color Coalition is dedicated to eradicating the racial inequities among women of color created by structural, institutional, interpersonal, and internalized racism. We will address racial inequities through authentic inclusion in the areas of politics, education, economic development, criminal justice and health and wellness. Our success will maximize the benefits and contributions for all aggrieved communities of color and the Commonwealth as a whole.

Women of Color
Women of Color

Who we are

We are women of color who identify as Black (or African Descent), Latina or Hispanic(non-white), Asian, Middle Eastern, Native American, or (indigenous Descent). We recognize and celebrate the intersection of social identities in our work including but not limited to race, gender and sexuality. Our framework challenges ethnic, anti-black racism, classism, and heterosexism which disproportionately affect Black and Latina women.

"We are the voice of change."


Increase the percentage of women of color in elected and
appointed positions in local, state and federal government...

  • Increase the numbers by 5%
  • Educate to understand the power and importance of civic engagement
  • Educate to understand the history of people of color
  • Work to develop policy and legislation to shift the paradigm of inequities in our 5 areas of focus
  • Increase the number of active registered voters ages 18-25
  • Increase the voter participation rate


Preparing our children for 21 st century global education,
focusing on K - 12 grade levels...

  • Equity funding for schools
  • Demand representation that reflects the population it serves
  • Steering, graduation, zero tolerance, discipline
  • Reduce suspensions and disciplinary actions
  • Increase representation in advanced placement classes


Eliminate the wealth gap for Women of color
and our communities...

  • Increase access and opportunities
  • Increase Financial Literacy
  • Increase asset building
  • Increase percentage of WOC in Decision making positions
  • Increase access and opportunities to WOC Businesses and contracting
  • Increase Contracted opportunities by the state
  • Increase Home ownership
  • Equal Pay


Reforming the justice system...

  • Local/State policy changes
  • Increase alternative options to incarceration
  • Reduce the number of WOC in the criminal justice system
  • Ensure WOC are within as close as possible -proximity for visitation
  • Reduce recidivism rate
  • Advocate for change with the arrest rate metric used for police promot
  • Domestic policing
  • Debtors prison
  • Active presence in lobbying local, state, fed criminal justice reform initiatives


Improve financial, spiritual, emotional, health and
wellness for Women of color and our communities...

  • Addressing issues that create barriers, misdiagnoses, premature delivery of care
  • Increase access healthy foods, safety
  • Reduce the percentage of WOC the are currently suffering from preventable diseases
  • Increase access early detection and after care of WOC
  • Increase resources and support for WOC caregivers
  • Reduce the number of WOC and their families that are uninsured
  • Advocate for investment in community health clinics
  • Improve health data collection focusing on women of color